Nutrition Coaching



No doubt you have a lot on your plate. Investing time and money into an accountability coaching program might seem like the most selfish thing you could do right now. But I guarantee you, taking time for yourself to be the healthiest YOU is the least selfish thing you can do. Our Nutrition Coaching program is not for everyone, however it is exactly what many of you need.

The truth is you can't control or change anyone else. You CAN invest in yourself. You CAN take control of your situation. You CAN heal your relationship with food. You CAN commit to self growth. And in doing this, in changing yourself, you are becoming the change you need.

If this speaks to you and you are ready to:

-address nutrition and develop a healthier lifestyle

-break through the glass ceilings of your fitness goals

-and most importantly get RESULTS

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This program is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthier and feel better! Through the reset, I learned the difference between good and "bad" foods, how to make healthier meal choices, and that working out and eating healthier makes me feel 100% more confident, not to mention gives me more energy for my three young kids! My family is even benefiting from it too because I now cook healthier and provide healthier food options for them as well! Colleen is the most amazing health coach and encourages you to keep pushing even when you want to give up. Now I feel positive that I can continue this healthy lifestyle with the confidence I need to succeed. This program truly changed my life for the better!

- Kristin Johnson

Like a booster to a rocket ship, the Grist Mill Nutrition program will help you lift off and develop your own momentum to achieve your goals!

After a hiatus from working out (and eating right), my goal was to get my mind and body back into a healthy routine. This program gave me the structure, support, and encouragement I needed to re-energize and focus. The nutritional aspect taught me how to have a positive relationship with food and the accountability aspect kept me working out regularly. I'm grateful for this "rocket boost" that got me off the couch and back on track!

- Jillian Cunningham

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made! We are 6 weeks down, and I feel better physically and mentally than I have in almost a decade. I no longer have headaches everyday. I used to have a drawer full of chocolate that I would dive into whenever there was a lull in the day or when I was stressed - really any reason would do. I no longer crave chocolate and I look forward to my lunch of salads most days. I had an extremely stressful day at work, a friend offered me candy and instead I made sure to schedule an extra workout at Grist Mill. My mindset towards food and exercise has completely changed with the support of Colleen and the group. It has been an amazing experience and I can't wait for what I can learn in the next session!

- Alaina Renson Grist Mill Fitness Member

Last year, I started working with Colleen to meet a few fitness goals and lose those last ten pounds I’d been carrying around for a few years. As a nutrition coach, she helped me completely transform my eating habits in a way that I feel is entirely sustainable. I never felt deprived – it was all about balance and small changes that easily fit into my chaotic life. Colleen is truly an amazing trainer. She is knowledgeable, motivating, and worked hard to design a plan that helped me achieve my fitness goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone, whether you’re looking to up your fitness game or you need some assistance to make solid lifestyle changes that stick!

- Allison K

Colleen loves what she does. It is evident in her nutrition coaching and training. She truly cares about your goals and motivates you to achieve them. Colleen is passionate about what she does. Colleen stays informed by attending nutritional educational classes and obtaining additional certifications. She puts her heart and soul into her work and aiding people in achieving their goals. Colleen has a way of motivating you to live your healthiest and best life.

- Lisa A

I have always eaten pretty well, but working with Colleen has me more focused on the ratios of what I am eating (along with the amounts) and when I am eating them. Working with her has been completely manageable with a lot of variety and honestly, a lot of food! I have events at work that I can’t avoid, and now have workable strategies to deal with them. Colleen recognizes life is worth living and going out to dinner and even fitting in a glass of wine are all part of the conversation. As she says, this is something we need to feel like we can live with for a year, not a short term crash plan.

– Jill B

Colleen has been a wealth of knowledge and an excellent motivator in nutritional guidance. She provides the latest research in order to help one achieve optimal fitness and permanent life style changes. She has given me areas to focus on and by conducting multiple check-ins each week, she has helped me tweak my nutrition to achieve the best results. She has given me resources that I can incorporate into my daily life without prescribing a meal plan that might not fit with my goals or lifestyle.

– Elaine R

Working out has never been my challenge-simply, I like food. I never understood why I couldn’t achieve the results I wanted. After nutrition coaching with Colleen, she had me hooked and needing to learn more. For over a year now Colleen has taught me so much about food- stuff I didn’t even know was out there to learn. Colleen doesn’t encourage me to deprive myself of all things delicious, shes actually shown me that I can achieve the results I want by eating more calories/day. Colleen is always available for my many questions and is super encouraging to help me reach my goals!

– Meg H

I have always viewed myself as a “healthy” eater, from the time of my 20s. However, never before have I viewed my relationship with food as fuel. Throughout nutrition coaching with Colleen I have experienced a mindset shift, understanding what I am putting into my body and why. The relationship between protein, fat and carbohydrates is complex yet fascinating. It all makes sense to me now. Colleen asked me at the very beginning to “lean in” to the process, requiring a leap of faith, flexibility and commitment for change. She stayed true to these words throughout, she is nothing if not genuine. Colleen supported me unconditionally, as a coach and as a friend. With her scientific tools, guidance and cheerleading, dare I say the process was not hard, as deprivation is simply not part of her equation. Rather, the process was enjoyable, inspiring, educational, filled with food and life changing. I feel lean, strong and in control. My goal is to continue this journey with Colleen’s support so that I may become even stronger, both physically and mentally. And to keep savoring peanut butter like never before!

-Nina W

I have been working with Colleen for over a year on nutrition and personal training. The knowledge she has shared with me has allowed me to make smarter decisions with my diet and how to easily ‘bounce back’ after a vacation or a dinner out to get back on track. She provides unlimited support and takes a personal interest in your success.

– Lauren D