InBody Scans

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Real talk : weight isn’t a good indicator of health because it doesn’t differentiate fatty tissue from lean muscle.

We're all familiar with the BMI argument that in Arnold Schwarzenegger's body building hay day he was considered obese on the BMI range.

InBody testing is an amazing tool that goes beyond the general estimates of basic scales and BMI readings with an analysis that compartmentalizes the body into 5 distinct sections and breaks down muscle mass, body fat, water levels and more! We take your results and have you work with one of our certifed trainers to adjust your workouts for optimal muscle gain, fat loss, and overall fitness management!

This true game changer gets to the root of your health. The InBody will assess your risk of injury from underdeveloped muscles or uneven muscle mass. This machine even has the ability to tell you why you're not loosing weight, along with why you're having that nagging back pain.

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