The #1 Anti Aging Medicine

Why is Strength Training the best answer for fat loss?

It’s simple - Strength Training builds lean muscle mass and lean muscle mass is the most efficient fat burner and metabolism ignitor!

Unlike cardio, strength training will keep you burning calories at a higher rate long after you have finished your workout - BONUS!!

Did you know?

As we age:

We start to lose muscle mass. Sometimes at the rate of 5-7 pounds of muscle mass per decade! SCARY!!

Our metabolism slows down.. and as a result, we gain weight.

But the good news is - Strength Training will help all of the above!

By lifting weights, you will increase your lean muscle mass. That lean muscle mass will speed up your metabolism and burn even more calories even when you're just sleeping!

Strength Training is hands down the #1 Anti Aging Weapon

We also LOVE strength training for the added benefits of better sleep, strengthen our bones, and all that serotonin (our bodies "feel good" chemical).

It's always nice to remember the WHY behind what we do and to keep all the benefits top of mind :)

Let's get after this Monday and get our weeks started right, team! See you at the mill soon.