Getting Back on Track

Getting back on track after the 4th has been a MAJOR topic around the mill! We've all been there— overdid it. Ate too much. Drank too much. Or maybe both. Overall having a hard time getting back on track and find yourself pushing your health back till "Monday". I get it - I've lived it! And I've helped hundreds of people climb their way out of it and reclaim their health!

Here are 5 tips to get back on track after a holiday / birthday / vacation etc. If you're still having a hard time getting back on track from the 4th start this tomorrow! Or save these tips for a later date that you need to maximize recovery in 24 hours. And by the next morning, wake up feeling amazing.

1. Drink water immediately and consistently throughout the day.

Dehydration isn’t just lack of water but loss of electrolytes. Replenishing with warm water and sea salt is an excellent way to get electrolytes up but avoid all the sugars in sports drinks.

2. Have your first meal 12 hours from when you last ate.

You want to do everything you can to help your gut recover, and giving it a period of rest and rejuvenation is crucial. Intermittent fasting also reduces inflammation and bloating.

When you do have your first meal, choose something broth-based if possible.

3. Get your vitamins in.

Vitamins B, C, and D in particular most ideal at this time as they aid in detoxification and restoring blood sugar levels. As always though we want to be taking a good quality fish oil and probiotic as well.

4. Eat a cooked (non-raw) meal.

Cooked veggies are easy to digest and full of nutrients like potassium and other electrolytes. Avoid raw veggies in times of detox, as they can be hard to digest and can create even more bloat.

5. Sleep! (For real, though.)

This doesn't mean scroll through Instagram for a half-hour while you get ready for bed. Shut your phone down and actually hit the sheets. An early night and at LEAST eight hours of sleep (if not nine or 10) is arguably the best medicine to help your body offset inflammation and a stressed digestion.

Above all we must give ourselves the space and belief to change. Tomorrow is always a new day and a new opportunity.