Jess Grant

Certified Strollers Strides and Fit4Baby instructor.

Prior to the birth of my daughter, Riley, in April 2017, I enjoyed running and going to the gym. Once she was born, my world turned upside down! I pressed pause on my work outs and demanding career, and focused 100% of my energy on my new family.

I had cancelled my gym membership, since I couldn’t bring my daughter with me. I kept waiting for breastfeeding to “melt” the extra pounds away like I’d been told, but no luck! I kept waiting to meet new mom friends on my walks around the neighborhood, but no luck! I signed up for my first FIT4MOM class when Riley was about 4 months old. I had admittedly low expectations, but hey, the first class was free! I’ve never been so happy to be wrong about something! The workout was challenging, yet adaptable to all fitness levels, and the other moms were so welcoming. After just a few months, I feel stronger than before I was pregnant, and have made wonderful friends who truly understand the challenges of being a new mom.

The journey into motherhood can be a difficult one, but I’m confident that giving this class a shot is one of the best choices I made for myself and my family. I hope you will too!