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At Grist Mill Fitness, our mission is to make fitness fun! We strive to help our members take ownership of their health and improve their life as a whole. We accomplish this with fun results driven classes, challenges, providing a strong community and support system, and opportunities to connect beyond the workout! We pride ourselves in creating a supportive environment for our members to become their healthiest and best selves.

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Fitness Training, Personal Training, Circuit Training

"No comparison"

I started attending Colleen's classes in October 2016. I wanted to find a gym with flexible hours because I have three children and a very busy schedule. I was also a member at another gym at the time I stared with Colleen. This gym was located five minutes from house and the Grist Mill is thirty minutes from my house. Financially I could not afford both monthly memberships, and I had to make a decision to stay with one gym, I chose Grist Mill! I love the comradery between members, how Colleen's instruction aids in achieving my goals, and the accomadating class schedule. The other gym couldn't compare.

Lisa Arehart, Member since Oct 2016

Fitness Training, Personal Training, Circuit Training

"Stronger and healthier"

I've been attending classes three times a week for three months, and have already seen significant changes in my energy, waistline, and confidence!

Crystal Miller, Member since Feb 2017

Fitness Training, Personal Training, Circuit Training

"personalized attention you won't get at a gym"

Colleen and the team have given me unique workouts to fit my needs, and I couldn't be happier!

Joe Lennon, Member since Mar 2017